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As a student, Business Gate Academy is an opportunity for you to put your skills and ideas into practice. Together with other talented and motivated undergraduates and professionals, you will create a positive future.

WHo we are looking for?

It doesn’t matter if you are a first year undergraduate or a final year graduate. You don’t even need to understand all the specialties like PPC, SEO or creating top-notch content. All of this can be taught. We want right-minded people in our ranks. Optimistic curious people who believe there are possibilities, they just haven’t discovered them yet. People with perseverance, who don’t give up when faced with a dead end.

How does it all work?

The Business Gate Academy programme is designed for students of the Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship in Karviná. It takes place every semester, just like other courses.


1. COntact our administrators

At the bottom of the page you will find the contact details of the programme administrators who will explain the process and the deadline for the selection process.


The selection process takes place every 2nd week of the semester. The selection process takes place through an assessment centre, just like in any innovative company. No need to stress though, we are students just like you.


Once the team-leaders like you, one of them will contact you on the phone to tell you the happy news. Together with four new friends, you’ll work on a predetermined assignment from a real company.


Together with the team you will go on a trip to the company you will be creating for. A cool opportunity for internal analysis of the company. You’ll get a sniff of the very essence of the company’s existence, which will help you to empathise with the project.


You’ll meet at least once a week in Business Gat’s meeting rooms. A more experienced team-leader will organise and monitor your progress, so expect to do homework too.


Business Gate is frequented by like-minded people who want to grow, enjoy life and are open to anything new. We try to organize events a few times a semester where you are always welcome.


Together with the team, you will present your deliverables to the sponsor. This is an opportunity to show what you have and to convince the sponsor that it is worth continuing with the team or buying the work done.


If the outcome is going to have a value for the supplier and you will mutually agree, you will implement what you and the team have agreed. If your work is more of a piece of work, you may even sell it. It depends on how you and the company agree.

What can you get?

Practical experience

We place the greatest emphasis on practical benefits. For information to become knowledge it is necessary to create depth to the information in order to store it in memory.


Do you see yourself as a creative or more of an analyst? Do you feel like you fall somewhere in between and don’t really know what you’re into yourself? This opportunity can open your eyes and find out which direction your heart is pulling you in.


You’ll be part of a team that works on itself, and such people can be useful in the future. Not to mention, you’ll be in contact with the practitioners and management of the company you’ll be working for.


Developing skills and competencies is the mission of Business Gate Academy. Improving in skills such as creativity, communication, presentation, professionalism, and tenacity will make you happy.



Tangible proof that you have completed the program is always useful, it will make you, your parents and maybe even your future employer or business partners happy.



This is a C course that you can enroll in the Information System and get closer to graduating from our College of Business.

What our students say about us?

Jennifer Chlebková

"I would definitely recommend the BG Academy to anyone who is interested in marketing communications and wants to learn about the practice. I applied for an interview in my 1st year on the BA and was able to develop my interest straight away. I went to lots of different workshops where I absorbed stimulating ideas from practitioners, which is invaluable."

Karla Foltisová

"Great place for both cowork and students to get an internship through Business Gate Academy. Every year there are several events including workshops that are not only for BGA members or students but also for the public. It's definitely a place where you'll learn a lot and meet a lot of great and proactive people who will take you a step further."

Lukáš Mesároš

"As a great positivity I see the personal dealing with the client, which I have never experienced before. I tried communication with him and found out what such a situation entails. Working in teams is also a great advantage, so there is always a chance to consult with someone, talk to others about the problem and solve it together. These are real projects from the clients, which motivated me to do the best job I could, for the sake of my own satisfaction, my team's satisfaction, and most importantly the client's satisfaction. We managed to accomplish this task perfectly from my point of view, as we were rewarded for our hard work."

Denis Vysloužil

"When I first went to BG Academy, I didn't know what to expect. It was such a step into the unknown. Now I'm glad I got involved. I learned how to organize my time, work with people, present the results of three months of work, communicate with managers and business owners. Apart from these experiences, I also learned how to create websites, develop company Facebook pages, create graphics, take photos with a DSLR camera and much more, which I can now use in my business. These are things that you can only learn by doing."

Milan Havránek

"In BGA I have deepened my soft skills and team spirit. Thanks to the experienced professionals, I found out how things work in practical life and was able to deepen my creative thinking, learn how to work in a graphics program and gain a valuable line for my CV."

Dominika Morawiecová

"I consider BG Academy one of the best advantages of our school. Since the beginning of my freshman year, I started to develop my online business, I went through several assignments and today, thanks to this experience, I earn money doing what I enjoy. I would recommend it to anyone who is even thinking about it. It has given me so much more than I had hoped for in the beginning."

we have a lot of great collaborations behind us

Contact us

Tereza and Tomáš are in charge of the complete operation of the program. Do not hesitate to contact them with any questions.

Administrátorka BG Academy

Dana Chlupová

Business Gate Academy - for companies

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Business Gate Academy - for students

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