Priceless experience for students. Inspiration and new ideas for companies.

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More than just coworking. We are here to help, consult and connect.

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Those who seek for a nice, modern, friendly working space are at the the right place.

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We have something for everyone!

Experience for students and new ideas for companies (Academy), support, advice and help for go-getters (Benefit), pleasant working space for everyone (Coworking), interesting events and workshops for public. Hub is ran by statutory city of Karviná, with collaboration of the School of business administration of Silesian university in Opava and participation of other partners.


Knowing something doesn’t always mean you can actually do it. Program Academy gives students unique opportunity to work on real company’s tasks. In return, companies will get wholly different point of view, a number of impulses and ideas.



Each day brings big amount of news that one can hardly keep up with while working. We watch them for you and make ready interesting training, workshops, competitions or meetings with people.



Feel yourself like at home even while you are at work. There are individual work stations, meeting rooms or a small projection room and when it is time to take a break or advise, you are never alone.


We accelerate your ideas

Do you have a business idea? Do you want to do something great for others? Does an interesting idea make you wonder? Come to see us! We will listen to you and help to find a way.

All in one

Would you like a conference room with a TV? Or do you favor one with a projector? Maybe you would prefer a whole lounge room? Having meeting only at round table? Just say the word and we will reorganize everything that’s needed.

We know the right people

Do you need a graphic designer, IT specialist, accountant, coach or someone else for your project? Would you like to get a consultation with somebody like this? We hold a directory full of contacts you may find to be useful.

Pupil and students go on!

Do you study? Perfect! We have a program Academy for you, different kinds of workshops, you can play a board game “Cashflow” and if you are thinking about making a business right at this moment, you receive 50% discount to all the services, or you get them for free.

We have an excellent coffee

Do you need to talk something over a cup of coffee with your client? You don’t need to look for a cafe anymore. We will make you a delicious coffee here while you will enjoy a quiet atmosphere.

Copy centrum

Finding a quality copy machine is not easy. Luckily we have one! In addition we can help you to bind, cut and laminate.

100% satisfaction guaranty

Come for a coffee! We will be glad to show you everything you need to know. On the top of that, if you register, you get 30 days trial in our Business Gate.


Ready for everything

Under the same roof you will find everything needed for comfortable living and business making. Don’t believe? Take a look.

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