Academy for students (en)

We know how important is professional experience!

We apply theoretical knowledge in real projects.

We create, collect experience, improve ourselves…

What will you get? 

4 credits

This kind of “C” subject was not here yet. You will not get anywhere else credits for a real professional experience.

Practical experience

We put the greatest emphasis on the practical contribution of individual assignment.


You will get contacts not only for the company you are going to be working with, but also for practitioners.


You will get a certificate from the company you worked for and that’s good isn’t it?

Soft skills

You will find out what you are good at. We will help you find your strengths and develop them.

More instagram followers

You will get to know new interesting people and inspire each other.

How does it work?

The most exiting things are in front of you


Visit competitive examination

The selection is in a form of assessment center as in any other modern company you would apply to. You

You will become a member of a team

A team of four skillful students just like you, where everyone takes their special part. Each team is led by

You will find out the assignment

You will get to know what you are going to work on and with who for the next three months.

You will meet the contracting company

You meet the competent people from the company who have something to do with assignment and will be determining the

You work on the project

You attend BG team meetings, fulfill assigned tasks, collect experience and take part in workshops.

You present the final project

You and your team proudly present the results of your team work to a contracting authority.

You earn a certificate

Congratulation! You have proved that you are smarter than any study textbook.


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