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Business Gate Solutions 2

Why was the project started?

The purpose of the project is to increase the competitiveness of Karviná secondary school students for their future job application and starting a business.

The purpose of the project is distinguished by the fact that it mainly concerns the situation that occurs after the end of a project. The result that this project brings to high school students is primarily knowledge of doing business, gaining a reputation for doing business, project management, marketing communications, and innotive management.

The project was created thanks to the success of the Business Gate solution project about which you can learn more here.

How did the project originate?

The project was created thanks to a grant from the OKD Foundation of 150 000 CZK. The estimated costs are 180 000 CZK, the remaining costs that are not covered by the grant will be paid by the city of Karviná which is a project implementer.

Who is the project intended for?

The target group of the project is mainly Karviná youth, especially students of the secondary schools and students of the local college (Faculty of Business Administration of Silesian University).

Project goal

When teams of secondary schools are set up they finalize their work competing on final day
at Business Gate spaces for valuable prizes. The output of each team is a presentation of the results of their work in front of the representatives of the company and Business Gate, who together decide on the winner.

How does the project work?

There are two rounds in the project and in each of them one company will have prepared an assignment. In the first round was participating a company Respiro that breathes new life into old things by simply making new things out of them.

At the beginning of each round, invitations have to be sent to secondary schools in Karvina region. Meanwhile, before secondary schools make a statement about their participation, operators that take care of the individual teams and that assist in organizing are selected. Selecting is among the students of Faculty of Business Administration in Karviná.

Subsequently, the representatives of Business Gate together with the operators work on preparations for the competition day. A program is created and timetable and prices are established. Throughout the competition day, teams perform individual tasks at the Business Gate center, Faculty of Business Administration in Karviná and outdoor (in the park or city center). Before the competition day takes place, the university students go through a final rehearsal to eliminate any possible errors.

All this competition of creative brains takes the form of a game, during which students experience the whole process of creating a marketing campaign. On the day they have the opportunity to experience an intensive program full of micro tasks, creativity, practice and surprises. At the end they present their work to a company representative who together with Business Gate representatives evaluate the work done in each team and selects the winning team. Winners are rewarded with Exasoft vouchers and promotional materials.

The competition also fulfills the condition of the scholarship program and future Faculty of Business Administration students can obtain a scholarship in the first year of their studies.

What do students work on?
  • First of all they try and put themselves in the position of the analyst and get to know more about the company, their marketing and also conduct a competition analysis. This first step is crucial for other activities during the competition. That’s why it must be emphasized that they pay attention and write everything down.

    During the next step, team leaders are trying to stir student’s creative thinking. Thoughts and ideas under the watch of team leaders will be thought through to the small details as they will be later implemented.

  • Participants take their ideas from paper and their head and make them into physical form. They can create them from outside or inside inspiration, it’s up to them.

    At the Faculty of Business Administration they prepare a final presentation.

  • At the end students return to Business Gate center, where they present their designs to representatives of the contracting company and Business Gate.

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