Business community Karviná (en)

The business community is meant to connect entrepreneurs and people with the same entrepreneurial mindset. We strongly believe in sharing and helping each other achieve our ambitions. We are made up of people from our local surroundings, so when we spend time in a more progressive community it inspires us to have higher intentions.


The core of the Business Community are Mastermind groups. At Business Gate, we provide all the facilities for these groups, including launching new groups and facilitating the first meetings.

What is the Mastermind Group?

A stable group of regularly meeting people where everything is about reaching goals. The group mixes successful stories from which participants learn from and solve problems by collective creative thinking. At the same time, participants explain their public engagements tasks to receive help in achieving them.

Attributes that are found in Mastermind Groups:


Mutual motivation


Skills development

“No two minds have ever met without creating a third, invisible intangible force that can be likened to the mind of the third – master mind.”

Napoleon Hill

I want to be a part of the community

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“Developed within the Business Community Karvina is carried out within the activities of the SAD microgrant project as a tool for a structured dialogue between youth and the city. The activity is financed by the city of Karviná and the Erasmus + grant program” STATUTORY CITY OF KARVINÁ.