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Why was the project started?

The main aim of the project is to initiation the process of setting up businesses for disadvantaged groups of the labour market through consulting and the supply of tools needed to start a business. To identify and exploit the potential for business development as well as creating new job opportunities in the Karvina region. A strong outcome of business conditions is the cornerstone of the prosperity of every city. It provides people jobs, increases the city budget and furthermore small businesses create the character of a city. Once business is established in a city it creates more opportunity for success. Candidates participating in the project may not necessarily be interested in doing business, they may be interested in acquiring new knowledge and gaining skills to make the entry to the labour market easier. For example these candidates may be mothers on parental leave.  

How did the project originate?

The project was created thanks to a subsidy from the European Union of 4 429 209 CZK and a subsidy from the state budget of 521 083 CZK. The estimated total cost is 5 210 835 CZK.

Who is the project intended for?

  • Job applicants, jobseekers and unemployed people from the age of 50 and over
  • Job applicants, jobseekers and unemployed people from the age of 25 and under
  • People unemployed for more than 5 months
  • People looking after young children (under age 15)
  • People returning to the labor market after their parental / maternity leave

Project goals

  • activate entrepreneurial potential in disadvantaged groups
  • increase entrepreneurship and the number of emerging companies in the region
  • reduce the risks related to starting a business
  • raise awareness and facilitate access to information for disadvantaged groups
  • contribute to ensuring equality on the labor market