Students broke records on social networks!

Students broke records on social networks!

When the communication agency “Dva Mluvčí” joined the Business Gate Academy 4, we were able to offer our students a slightly different assignment than usual and much more intense engagement in practice. The task that student teams were given was to create and regularly deliver content for social medias of Dva Mlučí clients such as Futurum Ostrava, Kaktus estate agency, Nejlepší protein e-shop and Víno&Destiláty. The range of clients was really varied which made the assignment all the more interesting.

An initial meeting with the client was held at the agency in Ostrava. Students were welcomed by the whole team of Dva Mluvčí and following morning meeting was mostly held as a workshop. Since the team leader is a project manager at Dva Mluvčí, the students were told all of the important information about the assignment before the meeting and so agency owner, Radim Uher could welcome the students and share his knowledge about social media. He also showed students the equipment that the agency had available and explained everything neccessary about photo shoots. The whole team then enthusiastically embarked on their first photo shoot for Víno&Destiláty. That morning a copywriter was present who devoted himself to the students by giving valuable advice and feedback about their first copyright actions. From a Facebook specialist students learned the technical information about the posts.


The assignment started with the familiarization with seven clients and the first analysis. Some clients had their own ideas, others recieved help from the team via different brainstorming methods. And then it all started – photos, videos, making graphics, gifs, editing in photoshop, writting, and above all, the whole team was having a fun time working together. Contributions from the team have been published on clients’ pages sequentially, so the entire team has been able to keep track of how their contributions are doing. In total, more than 50 posts were published during the assignment, and some achieved very good results.

The team also came up with the theme and screenplay of the Christmas video for one of the Ostrava’s barbershops in which the lead role of Santa Claus was played by the President of the Academic Senate of Silesian University, Werner Bernatík, PhD. The video was viewed over 8,000 times and became the most successful post on the site of all time. Students paied the most attention to the Futurum shopping center assignment during which they spent a lot of time taking photos. Content of taken photos was specifically focused on lifestyle, store events or Christmas gift ideas. The leader of the assignment also announced a copywriter challenge which consisted of writing posts, winner of which received a one-day paid copywrite job at Dva Mluvčí.

The main motivator for the entire assignment was a physical plan, which was composed of four main areas that every junior of social media should complete – idea making, copywrite, production and analytics. Each of mentioned areas contained small tasks that students fulfilled and earned points for. Tasks, for instance, were to plan a contest, create a gif, or find the current trend on Facebook.

The goal was to accomplish the tasks in all areas and to get to the position of social media junior. It was up to each student how much he wanted to devote to the tasks, whether he would want to go through all the tasks and gain so much experience to be able to apply for position of social media junior, or that they would only be interested in some of the areas and want to deepen their skills. During the assignment, students had many opportunities to gain practical experience.

During the final presentation students recalled the published work and highlighed concrete results of the most successful contributions. At the same time they presented a batch of completed photos, graphics and gifs, and a number of ideas they had not been able to accomplish. The sponsor was excited about the results and the students received valuable feedback. At the end of the meeting a student was selected based on the scoring plan and personal opinion of the Dva Mluvčí agecncy who then offered the student a part time job as a social media junior. The student is now busy working and creating ideas from Business Gate at Dva Mluvčí agency.

And so the Business Gate Academy project fulfilled its mission – students gained a number of practical experiences and a valuable addicion to their CVs, and one of the team members has already started their career.