Scholars will come to like it.

Scholars will come to like it.

Don’t worry, we don’t intend to cater for only entrepreneurs, everything in Business Gate is about business. Most coworkers are professionals in their field and work freelance.

Such an entrepreneur must know how to spend money or how to price their time. And so we thought it might be a good idea to teach young people about these things so they know what it takes to be a “grown-up”. Sometimes it is necessary to save money, other times to invest, and when it is necessary to borrow it is important to be able to work it all out. Just talking about it would be boring!

With our colleagues Hanka Kučová and Petr Szotkowski, we decided to play a game with our students called Cash Flow. This board game, (which is very similar to Race and Betting game) explains the basics of investing, financial literacy and supports the idea of ​​entrepreneurship. Players are learning to invest in assets (stocks, commodities, real estate, business, etc.) save money and generally manage money in a fun way. Students enjoy it and so do we.

For these reasons the CASH-FLOW Cup was created. The competition which was attended by 224 pupils and students from the primary and secondary schools of Karviná and the surrounding area. Some advice for the end of the game, be ware of the box “child”. Stepping on it will end up being quite pricey.

Get your friends or colleagues to play too! It is great teambuilding.