Academy (en)

A unique combination of two worlds.

Program Academy is a unique combination of companies and students, from which both of the sides benefit. Students put their knowledge gained during studies into solving real projects and get valuable practice in the field, and in return the companies will get unique marketing material.

Content creation and content strategy

We begin with the analysis of the competitions content, after that we come up with a content strategy and finally we get down to filming, photoshooting and writing.

Social media communication

Out of social media data we statistically evaluate the success rate of content, afterwards we segment customers, create profiles and are ready to start with account administration.

Performance marketing

Whether it be campaign for Google, Adwords, Sklik or Facebook, we will make sure it has a quick start. Also we will thoroughly analyze key words, set up a campaign and evaluation system.

Website and e-shop development

We start with research analysis and target group studies, then continue with wire-frame design and end with activation and launching the web site.

Creating a marketing strategy

First we will perform a detailed internal and external analysis from which we will create a proposed design. From this we will know what to do to achieve your marketing goals.

Event marketing

We will turn fresh ideas into concrete plans and find out how to get as many people attend your event as possible.

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