Academy for business (en)

A team of enthusiastic students will bring you new insights.

We do it with the best intention for the students, who repay with their persistent work and enthusiastic approach for solving business projects.

We will build a team of the best students

The five-member team will work whole semester on your project. Through the team leader there will be going on a communication and all organizational matters.

Students have access to a business expert

The five-member team will work whole semester on your project. Through the team leader there will be going on a communication and all organizational matters.

For companies it is a free risk involvement

Only at the final presentation is it decided whether the promoter buys the project, provides the budget for its implementation and chooses a student to implement the project.

They will give you a valuable point of view

Entrepreneurs can often turn into operational blindness. An unbiassed student’t point of view comes in handy. In addition they sign an oath of silence, so there is nothing to worry about.

They bring creative ideas

Stress and time tension are the greatest enemy of creativity. For business people it is their bread and butter, whereas students don’t often feel it this way and can have a fresh perspective.

Students are on the internet at home

They were born at a time when the Internet and other technologies were on the rise. They’ve been into it since their infancy, companies can use the students deep understanding for the internet to their advantage

How does it work? 


1. Introductory meeting
Getting to know the course of BG Academy, project specification, further steps.

2. The first team meeting at the contracting company
Aligning expectations from the company.

3. Continuous consultations 
To ensure that the teams are heading in the right direction regular consulting sessions are organized. Teams get valuable feedback on their work and this can be be done personally or online.

4. Final presentation
Grand finale of the entire BG Academy, during which all contracting parties meet up in Business Gate and the teams present them their work for last three months and suggest possibilities for further cooperation.


Already tried with us:

What we can help with

Content creation and content strategy

We begin with the analysis of the competitions content, after that we come up with a content strategy and finally we get down to filming, photoshooting and writing.

Social media communication

Out of social media data we statistically evaluate the success rate of content, afterwards we segment customers, create profiles and are ready to start with account administration.

Performance marketing

Whether it be campaign for Google, Adwords, Sklik or Facebook, we will make sure it has a quick start. Also we will thoroughly analyze key words, set up a campaign and evaluation system.

Website and e-shop development

We start with research analysis and target group studies, then continue with wire-frame design and end with activation and launching the web site.

Creating a marketing strategy

First we will perform a detailed internal and external analysis from which we will create a proposed design. From this we will know what to do to achieve your marketing goals.

Event marketing

We will turn fresh ideas into concrete plans and find out how to get as many people attend your event as possible.